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2018 – The Emergence of a New Contact Centre Agent


The Emergence of a New Contact Centre Agent

With service being a key differentiator for many organisations wishing to attract and retain their customers it’s now more important than ever that organisations reach their customer, quickly, effectively and offer a number of channels in which to do…

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Excite & Delight

Interviewing is a 2 way street, the candidate has to perform so you choose them, however, you too have to perform so they choose you - in some circles there seems to be the (outdated) school of though…

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Boring, uninspiring interviewing

You must stand out if you want to attract talent, first impressions really do count and in a candidate and talent short market don’t spoil your chances of attracting the best by adopting an uninspirin…

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Interview / Assessment ‘No Show’ – WHY?

It baffles us, a candidate applies to a position, we provide a lengthy screening call, we are honest about the expectations of the role, but also excited about the prospect of joining an organisation.…

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The Gender Pay Gap - A Cactus Insight

It’s always been an interesting subject in our business, with currently 54% of employees being female and 73% of Cactus employees having children or are just about to! and we are a business which is v…

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