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Interview Mistakes

Behavioural Style Interviews Part II – “Avoiding Common Mistakes using the STAR technique & top 5 Tips for Getting the Most out of STAR”

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Behavioural Style Interviews

What are they & how do you prepare for success? Interviews can be a stressful experience for job seekers, especially when faced with the dreaded behavioral-style interview. Not to worry! Thankfully…

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Building 'Brand You'

The world has indeed taken quite a change of course when it comes to self marketing ‘Brand You’. With President Trump announcing “Without the tweets, I wouldn’t be here . . . I have over 100m follo…

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Attrition in Contact Centres

It’s very hard for organisations to calculate the ‘real’ cost of staff turnover, but researching into the problem it would appear that never before has the cost of staff turnover been so strongly link…

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Another volume project completed by Cactus Frontline

To set the scene: How do you go about recruiting 35 frontline Contact Centre associates (both day and night shifts), 1 Operations Manager, 1 Planning Specialist, 5 Team Leaders and a Trainer for an or…

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