Francesca Randle

Managing Director

Cactus Search and Cactus Frontline

Francesca Randle

Other than a short stint in the hospitality industry, Francesca has always worked in the hedonistic world that is recruitment. Firstly within the IT sector (when Faxes were at the old e-mail!), she moved onto Capita to head up the Contact Centre volume resourcing business (incidentally this is where she met her future co-director Guy) and a few fun filled years later Cactus was born.

Certainly not shy and retiring, Francesca leads from the front, she’s a consultant at heart and in addition to leading on some of the more senior search assignments, she also heads the team who deliver all of our volume frontline campaigns.

Life and soul of the party, you can only describe her as good fun, loud and more often than not fairly outspoken with a love of The Archers and The Darling Bugs of May!