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20 Miles for Mental Health

We are excited to announce a special initiative as we celebrate our 20th anniversary in the business. In recognition of this milestone, we have decided to raise funds and donate them to @BirminghamMind, an incredible organisation that provides vital mental health support to individuals in need.

Mental health is an issue close to our hearts, and we believe that everyone deserves access to the care and resources necessary to maintain their well-being.

To achieve this, we have committed to a unique challenge that reflects both our dedication to mental health and our 20 years of service. We will be walking one mile for every year we have been in business, symbolising our journey and the steps we have taken together. This not only serves as a tribute to our history but also showcases our commitment to supporting mental health initiatives for many more years to come.

However, we cannot do this alone. We humbly request your support in raising funds for @BirminghamMind. Your contributions will directly assist in providing essential services to those who rely on the organization's support.

Every pound donated will contribute to creating a brighter future for individuals facing mental health challenges. Let us come together as a community and show our solidarity by making a difference in the lives of others. Together, we can raise awareness, reduce stigma, and promote mental well-being.

Join us in supporting @BirminghamMind and help us celebrate our 20th anniversary by making a donation today. Together, let's take a step forward towards a healthier and happier world. 🌍



Primary target of choice is to raise £500 but we are hopeful to exceed our own expectations.

Click below for our donation page:

Thank you for your time and support, and being with us on this journey!