Change Project Manager

About the Role

Our Client is looking to source an experienced Change Project Manager with strong experience in end to end delivery based preferably in commuting distance of the Hertfordshire area.

This is an excellent opportunity to work for a leading brand and join an inspirational leader and be part of a new chapter for the organisation. 

You will be helping to successfully deliver various change initiatives, which are designed to significantly enhance our current service offerings and will deliver new and exciting experiences which matter most to their customers.

You will play a key role in assisting the Change Leads to ensure that change initiatives meet objectives on time and on budget by increasing employee adoption and usage. You will focus on the people side of change, including changes to business processes, systems and technology, job roles and organisation structures.

You will support the Change Leads in creating and implementing change management strategies and plans that maximise employee adoption and usage and minimise resistance. You will work towards driving faster adoption, higher ultimate utilisation of and proficiency with the changes that impact employees. These improvements will increase benefit realisation, value creation, ROI and the achievement of results and outcomes.

You will work across the organisation, with senior leaders and executives, and their teams.

You will also support the project teams and assist the Change Lead to integrate change management activities into their project plans.

As a Change Project Manager, you will:

• Assist with putting in place the change management process and tools which support adoption of the changes required by a project or initiative
• Support communication efforts -
Support the design, development, delivery and management of communications
• Assist with supporting training efforts -
Provide input, document requirements and support the design and delivery of training programs.

Additional responsibilities may include:

• Maintaining change management impact assessments 
• Logging risk mitigation plans
• Help the Change Lead with the creation of communications plan, roadmaps, coaching plans, training plans, and resistance management plan
• Engage with senior leaders
• Coordinate efforts with other specialists
• Help track and report issues.

Key Skills (ESSENTIAL):

• An understanding of how people go through a change and the change process
• Some knowledge of change management principles, methodologies and tools
• Opportunities to develop your communication skills, both written and verbal
• Develop active listening skills
• Learn how to build, establish and maintain strong relationships
• Build flexibility and adaptability and learn how to cope with working in ambiguous situations
• Will help you develop your understanding of planning and problem solving
• Learn how to work effectively at all levels in an organisation
• Learn how to be part of a team and work collaboratively with others
• Give you an understanding of organisational issues and challenges
• Some knowledge of project management, different approaches, tools and what the phases of a project lifecycle look like
• Give you some exposure to large-scale organisational change.

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