7 impressive questions to ask in an interview



7 impressive questions to ask in an interview

7 impressive questions to ask in an interview

Interviews shouldn’t just be one sided, it should be a two-way street, not an interrogation with a positive outcome for both parties.

Asking questions of your potential employer shows that you are both inquisitive, can help you stand out from the crowd and help you nail that interview!

Here are 7 quality questions to keep in your arsenal to ask in an interview:

1. “What where the motivating factors in you joining *insert company name* and what are the things you have enjoyed most whilst working here?”
Asking this questions shows you are keen to engage with your employers and genuinely interested in them, which can only be beneficial in building rapport.

2. “How do you feel working here could help to develop my skills & career?”
This question shows that you are keen to learn new skills and shows you have humility and potential.

3. “How would you describe the work culture here?”
This question shows you are keen to work at your optimum and for this you know it needs to be in a positive and supportive environment.

4. “What are the key targets for this position & what are you looking for me to accomplish within the first 30, 60 & 90 days of me starting this role?”
Asking this question shows you are keen to know what it takes to be successful in the role and also shows you are invested in what you can bring to the company.

5.“Who are your industry competitors and how do you differentiate yourselves from them?”
This demonstrates that you are keen to understand more about the specifics of the industry and how the organisation sets itself apart from their competitors”

6. “What are the key challenges you feel are facing the *insert industry*?”
Use this to show that you are interested in the industry and possibly follow on by speaking about some of the challenges you feel there are and maybe some solutions to these challenges which you have researched beforehand. This will show you are thoughtful and that you have read up on the industry.

7. “What are the company’s plans for growth and development?”
This question will get the interviewers talking which will help them feel more at ease with you and will in turn help you to learn more about the company.

By asking these questions during the interview you can make sure the interviewers have no reservations about your suitability for the job, demonstrate your interest in the employer and in the end find out if this employer is the right one for you!

Good luck!

By Joseph Wrenn

constantly on the hunt for the best candidates