7 traits of a highly successful Contact Centre Team Manager

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7 traits of a highly successful Contact Centre Team Manager


One of the most influential positions in any contact centre is that of a Team Manager and succeeding in this role is by no means an easy feat. It’s a pressurised, competitive and often unpredictable environment. But that’s how most call centre team managers and leaders thrive.

If you’re already in a management-level position these seven traits will probably already resonate with you. And if you’re looking to work your way up the ranks, they’ll give you a flavour of what’s needed to cut through the crowd.

They retain their agents
Employee turnover rates in call centres are renowned for being high, but it’s in everyone’s best interest to keep them low. Whether it’s via engagement initiatives (like team building activities and incentives) or their work ethic (open communication and sharing responsibility, for example), good managers will make it their priority to keep their troops.

They nip problems in the bud
If you’re one of those people that’d rather bury their head in the sand and play oblivious when there’s a problem, then management isn’t for you. As with everything in life, prevention is better than cure, so you need to have the knack and the nous to pick up on things early on.

For example, if you’re managing a sales-driven call centre, don’t wait until the day before to think about the fact you’re going to miss targets. Identify the issue in advance, have a plan, and implement it as best you can to eliminate or reduce the shortfall.

They’re on the same level
The best type of managers are those that put themselves in their agents’ shoes. They relate to their pain points. They feel their frustrations. And they don’t put themselves on a pedestal.

They’re on top of the latest trends
Whether it’s technology, competitors or customer expectations, successful managers are hot on the pulse of current trends, and they’ll proactively come up with ways to stay ahead of the game.

They listen
As any manager in any setting should, a call centre team manager worth their money will listen to what their agents have to say. Oh, and they’ll act on it too.

Whether it’s to do with a problem that stems from in or out of work, we all need support from time-to-time, and stressful targets can’t - and shouldn’t - distract you from that responsibility. Employee wellbeing is just as important.

They’re quick thinkers
Whether it’s a customer kicking off or a prospect that needs something a little extra to convert, when unexpected scenarios arise, agents come to their manager, and you don’t always have time to sit and think.

Successful managers stay calm under pressure, have confidence in their conclusions, and use their intuition.

They take accountability
It’s human nature to make mistakes. It’s also inevitable targets won’t always be met. Part of being a stand-up manager is owning any shortfalls, understanding how they were made, and putting measures in place to prevent them from happening again.

They also manage mistakes constructively. If someone’s slipped up, you’re not going to get the best out of them by giving them a rollicking.

Yes, agents need to know what they’ve done wrong and the impact it had, but that can be done with tact, and in a manner in which leaves the individual feeling motivated to do better, instead of deflated because they’ve been belittled.

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