Commuting to work - how much is too much?

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Commuting to work - how much is too much?

“I can’t wait for tomorrow morning’s commute.” - said no-one, ever.

Commuting to work is no-one’s idea of fun. But, unfortunately, unless you’re one of the rare few who’ve landed a decent job around the corner from your house, it comes part and parcel with holding down a job.

The stats
According to a study conducted on 4,248 workers over a seven-year period, most people are happy commuting for up to 45 minutes if it means they can either live in a good area or accept a desirable job. Any longer than three quarters of an hour can start to cause problems though.

To solidify those stats, another study uncovered just under half (46%) of employees would be willing to spend up to an hour commuting if it meant they could land their dream job. Interestingly, and amazingly, 9% said they’d be prepared to spend three hours on the road for their perfect position.

The pros
Reduce stress levels: reduce stress? While I’m sat in rush hour traffic? Are you mad? Many of you might be thinking. While parts of your commute are certainly far from stress-free, the extra time can provide you with lots of thinking space which can help to bring your levels down - especially after a particular taxing day.

Do something you love: if you’re commuting on the train, get your head stuck into a book. If you’re behind the wheel, tune into a good podcast. Whatever it is you enjoy doing, fill your commute with it so it feels less like wasted time.

More options: the further you’re willing to commute to work, the more job opportunities you’re opening yourself up to, and the more likely you are to land that dream role.

Get into shape: okay so this one probably isn’t practical if you’re one of the few who’re willing to travel for three hours, but if you’re within a reasonable distance from your home, why not ditch the car, bus or train, get active, and make your own way there? You’ll get fit, get to work, and it might not even take you that much longer by the time you factor traffic into your usual commuting time.

The cons
Less time for life: you spend a significant chunk of the week at work as it is. The more time you spend having to actually get there, the less time you have to yourself to do what you want - whether that be family time, Netflix chills, or cooking up a gourmet dinner.

The cost: fuel’s expensive. Public transport’s always rising. Taxis are out of the question. The longer and further you commute, the more it’s probably going to cost you. It’s as simple as that. And let’s be honest, no-one wants to spend their salary on travel.

Getting home in a hurry: if an emergency strikes and you need to get home ASAP, a lengthy commute can add a lot of inconvenient minutes onto your journey back. And when you’re in a rush already, those minutes can feel like an age.

Making appointments: working locally usually means you’re nearby your dentist, doctor and optician, which can make nipping for an appointment before or after work or during your lunch break a breeze. If you’ve not already guessed where we’re going with this one, a long commute doesn’t allow that.

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