Top 10 Awkward Interview Moments

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Top 10 Awkward Interview Moments

Job interviews can be a terrifying experience, yet a memorable experience for the wrong reasons. We had an idea at Cactus HQ to publish our top 10 awkward moments from our candidates’ and a few from our fellow cacti’s personal interview experiences.

I’d like for you to spare a thought for these applicants behind this list of cringe-worthy confessions, who have revealed faux pas ranging from getting the interviewers name wrong to coming face-to-face with a former one night stand on the panel.

They're among hundreds of very candid would-be employees who told all to our team, which compiled a list of hilarious encounters in interview rooms. 

  1. Our candidate shared with us a very cringe-worthy moment whilst at an interview, the interviewer's name was Siobhan and all the way through the interview he pronounced it the way it was spelt - He said he only realised his mistake as he walked out of reception!

  2. One client phoned to feedback on a candidates performance and was in fits of laughter. It was a ferociously hot day and the (male) candidate decided to drive to the interview wearing nothing but shorts, socks and trainers. On arriving at the interview he parked around the side of the building facing what he thought were blank windows of a store room and commenced his attire change from beachboy to professional. Unfortunately, he didn’t realise the Contact Centre windows were completely blacked out and his uncomfortable attire change was available for all to see!

  3. Another awkward interview moment, our candidate told us he successfully managed to trip over thin air whilst entering the interview room... now that’s a talent! But so incredibly awkward!

  4. One candidate bumped into her current boss while at lunch with the interviewer for a new job she had applied for – she tried to say it was a friend she had met for lunch but still awkward all the same.

  5. Another candidate told us that as they were walking into the interview room he managed to trip up the interviewer by treading on the back of her shoe.

  6. At the end of the interview the interviewer stood up to shake the candidates hand who didn’t realise that his leading leg had gone to sleep and ended up falling head first against the wall nearly knocking himself unconscious – now that’s a way to make yourself memorable! 

  7. This is a very embarrassing moment to happen at any time but even worse in a formal interview situation! In the middle of an interview he accidently burped in the middle of an answer he was giving – He apologised and they were polite but it was extremely embarrassing and he said he wished the ground would swallow him up!

  8. One candidate turned up to his interview and realised that the interviewer was his ex-girlfriend's dad! – He hadn’t realised her dad worked there when he’d applied for the role.

  9. This interview moment has got to be one of the most embarrassing, our candidate told us that they managed to get themselves locked in the ladies toilet and had to yell for help – So easily done but they were very embarrassed when they walked out of the toilets with everyone there watching!

  10. One candidate was booked in for an interview but was full of cold, not wanting to cancel the interview she still attended. All was going well until half way through the interview she had a coughing fit going bright red with her eyes and nose streaming – After sipping a glass of water she was able to compose herself and carry on with the interview but felt very embarrassed for the remainder of the interview!

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