Working from home..... while on lock down!

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Working from home..... while on lock down!

Who’d have envisaged this would be how 2020 would be, locked in our houses, social distancing ourselves from family, friends and loved ones and home schooling …….. while still trying to work, keep ourselves busy and positive!

Some people adapt to working from home naturally, others will take a little longer and it will also depend on what your job is and how easy it is for you to work remotely.

There are a number of things I’d suggest to successfully working from home:

  1. Structure – plan your day, have a goal, structure your time. Plonking yourself in front of your computer at 9.00am and thinking ‘what now’ will not be a great way to kick off a successful day and you’ll achieve very little.

  2. Exercise – obviously in the present situation this may be a little harder for many, however, use any space you can to get some fresh air and exercise – it helps your brain, helps fight depression, mental health and increases energy levels.

  3. “Communication – being isolated for a period of time can be depressing. We have the technology to communicate and engage with each other and teams of people so utilise every method you can. Check in with your co-workers, make sure they are OK, you never know what other people are actually going through! The plus point is much of the technology we have is free to use!”

Granted it’s not easy when you are trying to work and home-school your children, so we all have to get through it as best we can!

We will get over this, it will come to an end!