“We’d really like you to support us in setting up a brand new contact centre in the Midlands, 150 FTE in just 2 months, do you think you do it?” and with slight trepidation and a fair amount of nervousness in our voice and somewhat of a delay in answering, “.................yes”.

Well, we did it, and it was a huge success “Cactus were instrumental in helping us achieve a huge recruitment campaign this year, at times it was stressful but due to their enthusiasm and infectious personality we achieved what we set out to do. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working with the team, they have expert knowledge of the industry, are creative with their solutions and always deliver on time and within budget.”

Since then it’s been onwards and upwards with some fantastically challenging but equally rewarding projects to immerse ourselves in.

And when we say challenging, we really do mean challenging



constantly on the hunt for the best candidates