Francesca Randle

Managing Director

Cactus Search and Cactus Frontline

Francesca Randle

Other than a short stint in the hospitality industry, I have always worked in the hedonistic world that is recruitment. Firstly within the IT sector (when Faxes were at the old e-mail!), I moved onto Capita to head up the Customer Contact volume resourcing business (incidentally this is where I met my future co-director Guy) and a few fun filled years later Cactus was born.

Certainly not shy and retiring, I lead from the front, I'm a consultant at heart and in addition to leading on some of the more senior search assignments, I also head the team who deliver all of our volume frontline campaigns.

Life and soul of the party, I am described as good fun, loud and more often than not fairly outspoken with a love of The Archers and The Darling Bugs of May!